Tuesday, January 19, 2016

GRITTYNESS (combat hacks):

Weapon dice from physical melee and missile weapons is multiplied by x2 !!
It's the weapons damage dice, and not also the damage bonus, that's doubled !!
DM's must understand that it's a very different gameplay above 2d10 !!

This rule is made to generate a fantasy where everything can't be beaten, and where combat isn't always the wise solution, thereby facilitating . . fantasy.


Dagger 2d4
Shortsword 2d6
Longsword 2d8
Heavy Crossbow 2d10
Greataxe 2d12
Greatsword 4d6

Ogre Greatclub 4d8
Red Dragon Bite 4d10
Minotaur Axe 4d12
Mummy Lord Rotting Fist 6d6 + 6d6* necrotic damage
Frost Giant Great Axe 6d12
Frost Giant Boulder 8d10**

Large creatures are now extremly dangerous; Huge creatures demands a well thought out plan, that actually works; and Gargantuan creatures are fatal unless your can gather the greatest heroes of the realm and get them to work together. The size of creatures and their extreme dangereousness now demands different gameplays and different approaches in order for the heroes to succed.

When you score a critical hit with an attack, instead of rolling your "weapon damage" twice, you add a d20 to your damage. And if the critical roll is above your enemies fortitude (see entry below), then he recieves a critical freely defined by the attacker. If the defender dosn't want to accept the critical, he can choose to recieve an "exhaustion level" instead.

Your fortitude is equal to your constitution modifier plus your proficiency bonus. Dwarfs and half-orcs receives a racial bonus of +2.

If one attack delivers more hit points than your fortitude and your total hit points ends up at 0 hp or less, then you're broken. A broken character receives a critical-effect freely defined by the attacker, but there's no extra damage involved when broken. If the defender doesn't want to accept the effect, he can decide to receive an "exhaustion level" instead.

The damage from Features and from Feats isn't changed as a consequence of the "weapon damage" and "criticals" hacks, f. ex: Sneak attack still functions as described in the book, and is still doubled when scoring a critical hit.

*     magical damage isn't multiplied only the weapon damage itself!
**    giant boulders only deal the double damage when the boulders are specifically crafted to become
       throwing weapons, normal boulders will deal damage as written in the monster manual.
***   some may choose to use the mauled roll only in certain always prestated and especially gritty scenes.

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