Thursday, January 21, 2016

SKILLS & FEATS (system hacks):


ATTENTION: Investigation & Perception
KNOWLEDGE: Arcana, History* & Nature.
PHYSICAL: Acrobatics & Athletics.
SOCIAL: Intimidation, Insight & Persuasion.
SUBTERFUGE: Deception, Sleight of Hand & Stealth.
TRADE: Performance & "Tools".
WILDERNESS: Animal Handling & Survival*.

SKILL, alterations:

* History: The history of regions and their politics and religion.
              Merging the history and religion skill and then adding some**.

* Survival: Adding efficient first aid to the survival skill.
               Merging the suvival and medicine skill**.

** and therefore religion and medicine is taken out of the game!

SKILL, substitutions:

Religion & Medicine is substituted with History & Survival
unless these where already listed among the available skills:

Cleric: Investigation & Survival
Druid: History & Athletics
Monk: Survival
Paladin: History & Survival
Sorcerer: History
Warlock: Persuasion
Wizard: Nature & Survival


Dungeon Delver: Can find any secret construction, not just doors.

Healer: Add +1 per healing dice when healing through skill or spell.

Heavy Armor Master: Functions both vs. mundane and magic items.

Magical Initate: Can be taken five times in a row up to 5th lvl spells.

Durable: The feat is out; because we don't roll for "hit points".

Grappler: The feat is out; because its broken and out of balance.

Luck: The feat is out; because it undermines "the inspiration system".

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